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The Mystical Family


Daisy the Great Pyrenees

Store Greeter

Daisy is our resident greeter. Don't be put off by her booming voice, she's quite the lovebug. She's more than happy to lean on you for attention. We must ask that you don't get her into play mode. Her tail can cause quite a bit of cleanup.



Emotional Cuddler

Leilani can appear quite timid at first. She's not the one to come and greet you. She adds her quiet tremble and unassuming 10 pound body to all who need a little touch of comfort.




ET is often times the voice of Mystical. She's also our resident Reiki practitioner. Stop in for some of her wonderful mothering energy, or her Reiki. Both are a great experience and asset to Mystical.




Jessica is usually the knowledge at Mystical. She works hard to educate anyone who is seeking enlightenment in the store. This is not limited to clients as she is fond of pop quizzing her coworkers. She is also our resident tarot reader.

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